Open Jobs

Open Jobs:

Nr. Crt1 – Project Manager
Domain ERP; Apps Country Switzerland
    Requested start date 01.04.2017
Methodology Waterfall/Interactive Requested finish date 01.02.2018
Countries in Scope Switzerland
Business Process(es) Cross processes but mainly ERP, engineering & security
Project description Project to transition 1 CH locations (+/- 150 users) to the Global IT landscape and IT Process. The project is divided in 2 subproject: 1-Infrastructure and 2-Aplications. The 1-Infrastructure subproject will be managed by another Project Manager.

The 2-Aplication subproject and the Overall IS project (1-Infrastructure + 2-Application) will be managed by this project manager.

The Overall IS project will perform the typical PM activities (stakeholders management, financials, risks, planning, etc.).
The subproject for the 2-Application will cover the following activities:

– Roll-in the locations into ERP (HR, FI, SCM, etc.)
– Migrate Non ERP applications to the Global IT Landscape and Process
– Coordinate ERP Functional Analyst, and Solution Architects


Nr. Crt2 – Project Manager
Domain Treasury Country Switzerland
    Requested start date 01-07-2017
Methodology Agile Requested finish date 30-09-2017
Countries in Scope Switzerland
Business Process(es) Payment process – payment approval
Applications and Integrations SAP – data files for Ebanking
Potential Solution Bank communication management implementation
Objectives Adjust the data approval process of DTA files inside the payment process
Benefits Improve saftey of DTA files loaded into banking system
Scope Implement SAP bank communication management for the payments.
The current payment approval process is suboptimal.
Payments are run in all systems that are in scope, manually uploaded to the banks out
of these systems and approved in online banking tools. The control of this
process and existing signatories is quite difficult. There is no approval structure,
e.g. 4-eye or 6-eye principle in place.
Moreover, the desired payment process shall be clearly segregated in terms of
responsibilities. The execution of all payments shall be run in Global Business
Services, outsourced in Krakau. The succeeding payment approval shall be
done within. A future solution also should centralise these functions.

The approval is based on a release workflow and is done either in the within
the system or through a mobile approval app. The use of digital signatures is
possible as well. Payments and bank statements can be tracked with the corresponding
monitoring tools.

Phase I: vendor payments in ERP1 system , client 100 (4 company codes) & 300 (8) and ERP4 system (7)
Phase II: HR system with 19 company codes